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Battle of the Bulge - 8oz

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We are not in the business of “guarantees”, as a matter of fact no one can promise 100% of anything in life, so don't fall for those false claims. What we can do is promise here at Defiance Cosmetics that our “Battle of The Bulge Lotion” will help you fight the good fight in getting skinny. There is no “perfect” product that will trim off the fat and leave you in a healthy condition, but there are products that can help. Battle of the Bulge Lotion is cram packed full of healthy ingredients that are said to shrink your fat, on top of that you will also be left smelling fantastic.



How to use: Just rub a small amount of our Battle of the Bulge lotion into your problem areas a couple times a day.  Take it one step further and apply a wrap after you applied to that area in need, it has been shown to help improve the effects of the healthy ingredients which make up this amazing product.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (from Safflower), Beeswax, Water, Capsicum Extract, Essential Oils (Black Pepper, Basil, Grapefruit, Juniper, Rosemary, Sage, Lemongrass, Oregano)

June & Mike R
Even my husband started using it
Me and my husband like to consider ourselves a healthy couple, meaning we love exercising and eating right. The thing is we can lose weight but our skin just wasn't tightening up. Sure enough we gave this a try (I mean we have tried everything else) and we noticed results in the first week. Best of all is it smells fantastic.

Holly M
Love It
I love the smell of coconut and the tingling sensation is amazing. Thank you! :)

No Complaints Here
This is just what I needed, my skin feels as great as I was hoping it would.
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